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You're everywhere but in the present

2009.11.27. 22:30 Nowhere/Catastrophe

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This has been a foreign year.

Our first gig after Lillehammer was at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic early August. A strange thing, with a crowd of about 10 000 people – so many at a loss – and severe monitoring problems. We pulled through alright, but it definitely made us realise how far removed we are from the metal arena. Nonetheless we are considering doing Hellfest next year, together with our friends Ihsahn and Sunn O))).

Next thing was the Norwegian Øya festival in Oslo medio August. Our first gig with a second drummer, Tomas Pettersen, as well as a guest appearance by Jørgen Munkeby on saxophone. We played a good one, kind of blue, as the sun descended over our hometown. A few days later we went to Mølla, which is an old mill by a waterfall in Gjerstad, a small municipality in the deep south of Norway. It was a tranquil happening, maybe too much so, as we finally went on stage at 02:30 in the morning. We couldn't see much, but think the party was over. We played for the woods. Thank you, Knut.

We then drove north to Trondheim and the Pstereo festival, situated right next to the bewitching Nidaros Dome. It was a technical nightmare, the power broke down thrice during our set due to some earth fault. It was a mess. At least it was dark. Conclusion: Festivals are hazardous, people and place being out of control. Hate it.

Queen Elizabeth Hall in London was a good turn in terms of scene and ambience. Playing for about 1 000 people in seats, some in suits, and with a Britpop band called Mothlite as opening act. A very special night. However we must say we were mightily disappointed by the rigidity of the Southbank bureaucracy, being a body with official sources up their asses. Fuckers banked in excess of NOK 100 000 and sent us home in debt. That just ain't right. And on top they have the audacity to withhold money for our merchandise, contrary to contract. Pay up, you red-tapists.

Gagarin 205 in Athens was a sound show, even though we weren't necessarily on our best form. Didi Music treated us as kings and queens, oh, the queens that are in some of us. In grim contrast to the story above. Thank you, especially to Kostas and Eleni, for everything. Io Pan.

Down to earth, below the Acropolis: We are painfully aware of the passing since Shadows. It's time to get another Ulver proper out, and we have started to write. Our own dark brand.

Subsidiarily: We have recorded some hippie songs, from the sixties, bands like The 13th Floor Elevators, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane and stranger Aquarian folks. We aim to make this into a full album, a kind of Ulver kicking against the pricks. We'll put up a rough mix of our take at I had too much to dream last night, next week.

There is also a collaboration with Sunn O))). We had a terrific tracking session with the Nazgûls after their appearance at the Øya festival well over a year ago. We spent a month or so editing the material and adding our sheen to the sound. Since then it has unfortunately been lying dormant due to difficulties getting everyone together. We hope to join forces and finish the thing this spring. It is becoming a ghost.

Although being little more than an intro, you might want to check out Another brick in the wall part I, which we recorded for the latest Mojo magazine and their Pink Floyd special, celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Wall.

Also read marine-biologist-become-music-journalist Seth Beaudreault's interview with us, published on last night together with a Queen Elizabeth Hall live report etc. The interview was done the day after our stage debut in Lillehammer, Norway, this May. A colloquial conversation, and rather lenghty. Seth, it was a pleasure. Take care, wherever you may roam.

Lastly we would like to welcome Daniel O'Sullivan into the pack. We all know that God exists as three persons, but now is the dawn of the triangular pyramid.

ULVER, the stray dogs of Athens, November 26 2009.

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